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About the shop FotoStrobo:

FotoStrobo is your local camera fellow based in Berne Switzerland. FotoStrobo sells film cameras and lenses, renews light seals and mirror dampers, helps you find a proper repair shop and tries to answer your questions around film cameras.

Please read the description first and take a close look at the pictures to the product of your interest before you buy.
If you’re insecure, or have any concerns, you should ask first. I’ll be glad to help you.
You can contact me using the contact form. Write in German or English.

If you live nearby, don’t worry about the shipping costs. You can pick up the camera at my place.
And of course it is also possible to inspect cameras and or browse through my sales collection.

Bern CH

About the Blog nwocuass:

This Blog called „Nine whores On Crack Under a Starry Sky“ is a mostly chronological and documentary photoblog.
It is my long-term photography project which is growing in irregular intervals since 2010.

I like to have a camera with me almost all the time. With it I document what happens in my life.
No you won’t see my face often. So it’s not really about me it’s more about you…… at least if you’ve met me before. :)
It’s about friends, about places I love, about moods we have and about nightlife.
At the end it’s about the faces of this town.
And lately also a lot of dogs XD
Check it out if you are curious.

I wish you a good time scrolling through my work from the past 10 years.

Support me:
If you intend to buy one of my pictures as print or for digital use, feel free to contact me.
If you want to support me in an other way please visit my Patreon page

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